Lee Marmon

Pueblo Imagination
by Lee Marmon
Publisher's Description
Lee Marmon is America's most renowned Native American photographer and yet this is the first book to showcase his breathtaking photography. This book combines Mr. Marmon's award-winning photographs celebrating the Laguna Pueblo—their distinctive landscapes, their traditions and history—with equally gorgeous prose and poetry by three of our most celebrated Native American writers: Lee's daughter, the novelist Leslie Marmon Silko, and the poets Joy Harjo and Simon Ortiz. With each flash of the camera, Lee Marmon captured a piece of Native American history; this book preserves that precious legacy.

The Pueblo Imagination will be lavishly produced, with the highest quality reproductions, including some seventy black-and-white photos printed in duotone and eight pages of arresting color photographs. The text will flow in prose and verse from the images, setting the stage and capturing in words the history preserved in Lee Marmon's unforgettable images.

Photographer Lee Marmon lives in New Mexico. Leslie Marmon Silko, author of Ceremony and Almanac of the Dead, lives in Tucson, Arizona. Poet and musician Joy Harjo, author of How We Became Human: New and Selected Poems, lives in Hawaii. Poet Simon Ortiz, author of Out There Somewhere, lives in Toronto, Ontario.
ISBN: 0807066141
Publisher: Beacon Press
Hardcover : 159 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.8 x 0 inches
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