Sonia Delaunay: Art into Fashion
by Sonia Delaunay
Publisher's Description
Setting a precedent for the fashion design concept of "wearable art," Sonia Delaunay produced fabrics of a vibrancy, texture, and boldness that embodied the spirit of the Jazz Age. Celebrated in Appolinaire's poetry, commissioned by Chanel and Diagelev and a score of famous private clients, Delaunay's designs drew on her native Russian design traditions and the painterly influences of her husband Robert to realize a brilliant and mutable swirl of texture and geometrics when worn. In accordance with her conviction that fine art should be introduced into everyday life, her "simultaneous" dresses were designed to interact with the form of the wearer and with the environment around her. Art Into Fashion reproduces ninety of these classic, still influential designs which combine exoticism with chic.
ISBN: 0807611123
Publisher: George Braziller
Hardcover Language: English
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