Defining Modern Art: Selected Writings of Alfred H. Barr, Jr.
by Alfred Hamilton Barr
Publisher's Description
The founding director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York who was subsequently fired 13 years later, Alfred Barr revolutionized the way in which we categorize art and non-art, expanding our concepts to include a host of visually significant disciplines and objects--including architecture, domestic design, furniture, photography, and film--within the consideration of the modern museum. This collection of the essays of Alfred Barr spans forty years of his controversial career. "Readers will witness dramatic shifts in public taste and watch the embattled Barr stuggle with disappointed artists, uncomprehending trustees, and a hostile press. It is a stirring narrative of a visual revolution."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0810907151
Publisher: Harry N Abrams
Hardcover : 302 pages
Language: English
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