The Empire State Collection: Art for the Public
by Irving Sandler
Publisher's Description
The collection on display in the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York is considered by many to be the finest selection of modern American Art on public exhibition at a non-museum site. It is the result of Governor Nelson Rockefeller's conviction that the collection of contemporary art is both an eminently relevant and necessary duty of the state to its people. Counselled by scholars and patrons such as René d'Harnoncourt, Dorothy Miller, and Seymour Knox, the state of New York purchased, between 1966 and 1973, outstanding pieces by Helen Frankenthaller, David Smith, Adolph Gottlieb, Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko, and Franz Kline, among others. Beautifully photographed for this volume and accompanied by scholarly commentary, the 92 paintings, sculptures, and tapestries of the collection remain today "a testimony both to the greatest collective endeavor of the `New York School'and to the original conception af art in a public space."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0810908840
Publisher: Harry N Abrams
Hardcover : 215 pages
Language: English
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