The Camera I: Photographic Self-Portraits from the Audrey and Sydney Irmas Collection
by Robert A. Sobieszek
Publisher's Description
Sobieszek brings together 149 lively and diverse images to explore self-portraiture in photography with works by Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, Nadar, Penn, Michals, Sherman, Kertész, and many others. Self-portraiture is a rich form of expression in photography and assumes forms from the humorous and surreal to the enigmatic and experimental. Consider Cartier-Bresson's photograph of his shoes, Walker Evans' silhouette, Andy Warhol's photo-booth self-portraits, Nancy Burson's computer merges of her own features with those of a cat, and Clarence Laughlin's reflection in an automobile fender. Accompanied with an essay by Sobieszek, curator of photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Camera I is a book that offers a fresh approach to a fascinating art form.
ISBN: 0810931974
Publisher: Harry N Abrams
Hardcover : 240 pages
Language: English
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