Andy Goldsworthy

Hand to Earth: Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture 1976-1990
by Andy Goldsworthy
Publisher's Description
"Goldsworthy's sculptures are largely created in the open air, using such natural materials as snow, ice, leaves, bark, rock, clay, petals and twigs. His superb color photographs of the works-taken before they disappear, or as they disappear--are usually all that remains. The photographs, however, have won Goldsworthy a wide and devoted following."--the publisher. This superb new monograph shows the artist's career through 1990 and contains the most substantial examination of his work and life yet published. Included are a brief biography, documentation of several major commission pieces offering insight into Goldsworthy's creative processes, and interviews with various associates including museum director Terry Friedman.
ISBN: 0810934205
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Hardcover : 196 pages
Language: English
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