Barry Brukoff

by Barry Brukoff
Publisher's Description
Morocco has long been an intriguing country bringing to mind images of the casbah in Tangier, colorful marketplaces and exotic Marrakesh. Photographer Barry Brukoff has managed to capture this essence in a beautiful book entitled Morocco which is accompanied with text by Paul Bowles. Bowles, closely identified with Morocco since the 1930's, has provided seven long-unavailable essays which originally appeared in travel magazines such as Holiday and Travel and Leisure. He also provided a new introduction written especially for this book. "Brukoff's photographs capture the look and feel of North African light, the brilliant colors of Arab mosaics, the characteristic shapes of mosque doorways and miniarets, the bustle of native markets, the serenity of a desert oasis."--the publisher. Together with Bowles' brilliant essays this book provides a stunning portrait of a fascinating country. Review
Morocco is a land of heat and light, of vibrant colors shimmering under a North African sun. Clinging to the northwesternmost corner of the African continent, it has stood at a cultural crossroads for 1,000 years, its caravans penetrating deep into sub-Saharan Africa, its armies swarming north across the Straits of Gibraltar to conquer half of Spain before Morocco was itself colonized by the French. In modern-day Morocco, Peugeot trucks compete with donkeys for right of way, and women swathed from head to foot in djellabas and veils zoom through the streets on motor scooters. The cry of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer floats above the squawk and clamor of television sets, and businessmen in dark suits walk past mosques 1,000 years old during their daily commutes. Morocco is a land of heartbreaking beauty, color, and contrast, and in Morocco, author Paul Bowles and photographer Barry Brukoff bring it all to life in glorious images and lively prose.

Perhaps best known for his masterpiece The Sheltering Sky, Bowles has lived in Morocco for many years, and these previously published articles are a perceptive and entertaining introduction to his adopted land. (There's also a brand new foreword.) The 80 accompanying photographs are stunning, revealing a country composed of primary colors and brilliant shifts of light. A word of caution: open Morocco in a weak moment, and you could find yourself on the phone to your travel agent before the book is even half-read.

ISBN: 0810936313
Publisher: Harry N Abrams
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: English
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