Marc Riboud in China
by Marc Riboud
Publisher's Description
Marc Riboud's unusual access to China, beginning in 1956, has made him one of the most valuable visual commentators on the development of Communist Chinese culture and history. His images have all the wit and intelligence required of a Magnum photographer, and use the street and public life to meaningfully portray a complex civilization. This beautiful retrospective monograph, and the ICP travelling exhibition it accompanies, are both a testament to Riboud's eye and the project of photojournalism itself.
Amazon.com Review
Marc Riboud's images are a window on a world in transition as China reinvents itself with dizzying speed--his is as revealing a window as we are likely to find. The contrast between China old and new, as interpreted by Riboud, is an often startling one that cannot help but inform and intrigue. He specializes in the juxtaposition of images, perhaps none are more jarring than his photograph of a poor man lugging a sack of belongings down a trash-littered back street while a pair of chubby-cheeked babies glance over his shoulder in a nearby poster and a porno actress bares her chest in an ad overhead. Riboud's home is France, his territory is the world from Vietnam to Iran, but his heart and soul are apparently in the China he has covered from the days of Mao's revolution through the erosion of Communism to the country's modern economic upheaval.
ISBN: 0810944308
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Hardcover : 176 pages
Language: English
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