Michel Setboun

Bell Towers of Paris: A Stroll Through the City of Light
by Michel Setboun
Publisher's Description
Part of the photographer's challenge lies in capturing a familiar scene in a startling and original way, and Michel Setboun has succeeded in his beautiful work, Bell Towers of Paris. The acclaimed photojournalist spent five years climbing the steps of the French capital's famed bell towers (most of them inaccessible to the public), cutting a bird's-eye-view trail through the city that he records lovingly in the pages of this spectacular book.

From Notre Dame to Invalides, Sacré-Coeur to Hôtel de Ville, here are 160 breathtaking views of the City of Light as even its long-term residents have never experienced it-adrift and timeless. With a helpful map, and informative historical text by French journalist Pierre Guicheney,Bell Towers of Paris provides a whole new way of seeing one of the world's most beguiling cities.
ISBN: 0810954893
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Turtleback : 208 pages
Language: English
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