Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)
by John Child
Publisher's Description
Covers all the information that is essential for photographers to understand when working with light. New for this second edition is the 'Sensitivity and Image Capture' chapter which includes the latest on digital image sensors as well as film emulsions to help you choose the right medium for your work. Through a series of practical exercises, the student photographer is shown how to overcome the limitations of equipment and capture mediums, to achieve creative and professional results. With theory kept to a minimum, this book shows how to tackle difficult lighting conditions and manipulate light for mood and atmosphere using basic and advanced metering techniques. For captured and created imagery, TTL and hand-held metering techniques are also demonstrated. Controlling introduced lighting and ambient light together with advanced metering techniques and lighting ratios are covered. Illustrated throughout with author and student work, including a new 8-page colour plate section, this is an inspirational guide as well as a highly structured learning tool.
ISBN: 0240516702
Publisher: Focal Press
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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