Thomas Roma

Come Sunday: Photographs by Thomas Roma
by Thomas Roma
Publisher's Description
In 1990, Thomas Roma began photographing church and synagogue exteriors in his native Brooklyn. One morning, he was invited by a pastor to join the congregation in an African-American Christian church. Eventually, Roma photographed more than 150 services in 52 African-American churches, fulfilling his desire "to make religious pictures for modern times." With a wonderful essay by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on the place of the church in African-American life, this book is an extraordinary chronicle of an American institution. Review
A dramatic collection of photographs depicting the services of black churches in Brooklyn, Come Sunday illustrates the power of faith in a community riddled by unemployment, poverty, and crime. Focusing on the shine of a tooth, the thickness of a braid, the resolved tension of a hand clutching a bible, Soma uses subtle textures to mirror the diversity and complexities of the everyday humanness of his subjects. Within the walls of these sanctuaries, members of the congregation chat, crack smiles, doze, weep, cheer, and, of course, pray, all the while exhibiting extraordinary faith that, for many, lifts them above life's seemingly impossible burdens.
ISBN: 0810961571
Publisher: Museum of Modern Art
Hardcover : 111 pages
Language: English
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