Carl-Albrecht Von Treuenfels

The Magic of Cranes
by Carl-Albrecht Von-Treuenfels
Publisher's Description
Cranes, long-necked and long-legged birds of the Gruiformes order who mate for life, have fascinated many cultures. In Japan, they are a symbol of longevity and a happy marriage; in China, 'heavenly cranes' are messengers of wisdom. Carl-Albrecht von Treuenfels has spent decades observing and photographing cranes, and in this dazzling collection, he offers overwhelming evidence why we must strive to ensure their survival.

This beautiful volume includes maps depicting the birds' flight routes; guides to where cranes can be seen in their natural habitats; and detailed information on how they live, their elaborate and noisy courting 'dances,' how they nurture their young, and how they migrate each winter in V-shaped formations.
ISBN: 0810993325
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Hardcover : 240 pages
Language: English
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