Jeffrey Wolin

Written in Memory: Portraits of the Holocaust
by Jeffrey Wolin
Publisher's Description
Written in Memory is an inspiring attempt to preserve Holocaust survivor's stories and images. In this book, Jeffrey Wolin has paired pre-war images with his contemporary portraits of survivors, with their stories inscribed around their image in the photograph. Review
As the survivors of the Holocaust dwindle rapidly in number, those who can are increasingly making their voices heard--determined to tell their story to a new generation. Jeffrey Wolin has produced a unique tribute to the spirit and courage of those who lived through--and outlived--the horrors of that era. His stark black and white portraits of European Jews in the twilight of their lives are contrasted with snapshots of them in their youth. Like the numbers tattooed on their forearms, like the pain forever etched in their collective consciousness, the chilling stories of the survivors--largely in their own words--are directly imprinted on the images.
ISBN: 0811813665
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: English
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