Joel Sternfeld

On This Site
by Joel Sternfeld Review
Just outside Prague today there is a place of beauty and serenity where the village of Lidice once stood--before the Nazis slaughtered its inhabitants and razed it to the ground in 1942. Joel Sternfeld seeks out similar places stained by violence and haunted by tragedy in the American landscape in this provocative book that questions the problematic nature of photographic representation. The image of Rockaway Peninsula on Long Island, New York, is pretty enough to adorn a postcard; it also happens to be the site where 10 illegal Chinese immigrants drowned trying to reach the shore.
Publisher's Description
With his two earlier titles, American Prospects and Campagna Romana, Joel Sternfeld established himself as one of photography's foremost wits. His images have always ironcially shown the intrusion of man into a world of beauty, persuasively rendered in classical proportions and color. On This Site explores the irony that cannot be seen in any photograph: beautiful scenes where horrible events occured. Sternfeld has revisited the sites of 50 infamous crimes and returned with images of unsettlingly normal places; their histories disturbingly invisible.
ISBN: 0811814483
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Hardcover Language: English
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