Julian Okwu

As I Am: Young African American Women in a Critical Age
by Julian C.R. Okwu
Publisher's Description
A insightful and moving series of interviews and black-and-white portraits with African American women under the age of 35, providing a cross-section of class and social experiences. A companion volume to Young African American Men..." this second thematic volume by Okwu is refreshing and much-needed in an era characterized by continuing racial tensions.
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As I Am is Julian C.R. Okwu's companion book to Face Forward (which focused on young African American males "in a critical age"). For As I Am, Okwu selected and interviewed 36 women with vastly different experiences and backgrounds to illustrate the complexity of black women's experiences in America. The civil rights era has come and gone, but battles are still being waged. From the superintendent at a construction company who has to deal with snide sexist remarks to the veterinarian who is warned by a dog's owner, "I don't know how she is with black people," struggles for equality in the workplace, on university campuses, and throughout our culture continue. Although hardships and obstacles are shared, As I Am reflects the courage and strength of some inspiring and motivating women. Young women in their late teens to early 30s reflect on what it means to be, just to pick some examples, a mixed-race writer, a cancer survivor, a missionary, a doctor, an engineer, or a classical pianist; introspective examinations of the soul reveal how these women triumph in their day-to-day racist and sexist encounters. The intimate chapters and gorgeous duotone photographs of As I Am may leave readers anxiously waiting for one of these spirited women to pen her autobiography. --Atiya Taylor
ISBN: 0811820734
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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