Inside Havana
by Andrew Moore
Publisher's Description
Inside Havana is a photographic portrait of a city swept up in the flow of time. In the wake of a turbulent five-hundred-year history, Havana today is a shipwreck of splendor and decay; a place where the passing decades have created a haunting landscape, both beautiful and serene. In rich, elegiac images, celebrated photographer Andrew Moore captures the substance of this mysterious place. The result of four years' work, the images not only document Havana and its architecture at the turn of the century, but also portray the nuances of the city's inner life. Each photograph is an open-ended drama, filled with extraordinary artifacts from both the past and the present. As the images are viewed over time, intimate and sensuous details unfold. Single images contain multiple layers of meaning. When taken as a whole, they weave a dense web of associations and contrasts that is, in essence, Cuba today.
ISBN: 0811833437
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Hardcover : 132 pages
Language: English
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