On the Line: The New Color Photojournalism
by Adam D. Weinberg
Publisher's Description
This catalogue from the traveling exhibition originating at the Walker Arts Center in 1986, is one of the first extended essays to explore the problems associated with color photojournalism and to celebrate its triumphs. Photographers include David Burnett, Harry Guyaert, Jeff Jacobson, Mary Ellen Mark, Susan Meiselas, Yan Morvan, Gilles Peress, Rio Branco, Jean-Marie Simon, Alex Webb, and Alfred Yaghobzadeh. The title suggests that this work is "on the line" between the actual story or meaning, and the "look" or art of the color aesthetic. A fascinating and powerful selection from Michel Foico's police work in Houston, Texas to Larry Burrow's extraordinary photographs of the Vietnam war. Highly recommended.
ISBN: 0812280288
Publisher: Univ of Pennsylvania Pr
Hardcover : 79 pages
Language: English
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