Michael Busselle

Creative Digital Photography
by Michael Busselle
Publisher's Description
Digital photography has opened up imagemaking to a whole new audience, encompassing everyone from traditional photographers to budding computer enthusiasts. Now there’s an indispensable, one-stop manual that shows newcomers how to master digital photography and its entire range of creative possibilities! Covering more than 50 separate topics, Creative Digital Photography first demonstrates simple manipulations such as removing minor flaws or tidying up a fussy background. Readers then progress step by step into more complicated techniques like filter effects, layering, and montages—combining elements from a variety of sources into a new, original work of art. The most important message throughout Creative Digital Photography, however, is that computer wizardry is simply a means to an end: The emphasis here is to create memorable images rather than concentrate on digital gimmickry. Beautifully illustrated with over 150 full-color photos and written with a minimum of jargon, this is an inspiring and informative guide for anyone interested in creative imagemaking. Second title in Amphoto's popular Creative Photography series Provides practical, step-by-step instructions with over 150 color illustrations One-stop manual that demonstrates how to make the most of the vast visual potential of the digital revolution Covers more than 50 topics Michael Busselle has been a professional photographer for over 40 years and has enthusiastically embraced advances in digital photography, relishing the creative possibilities of the medium. He has written many photography technique books as well as a number of illustrated travel books. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in the UK, and lives in London, England.
ISBN: 0817437304
Publisher: Amphoto Books
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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