Photoart: Darkroom, Digital, Handcoloring, Montage
by Tony Worobiec
Publisher's Description
One of the hottest topics in photography right now is the use of alternative processes, which marry traditional photographic techniques with the latest in digital technology. From image destruction to digital toning and multiple images to montaging, Photo Art bridges the gap between fine art and photography. Packed with over 200 inspiring, innovative images, this comprehensive resource shows how to turn simple photographs into unique visual concepts that can't be achieved through conventional photographic methods. Step by step, readers will discover how to master such processes and techniques as multiple images; in-camera multi-exposure; fill-in flash and shutter speeds; montage and collage; Polaroid transfer and lift; image destruction and manipulation; printing in edges; photo batik photograms; and much, much more. Plus, every technique is covered in complete detail, accompanied by clear illustrations that make everything simple. Photographers, fine artists, and anyone else fascinated by imagemaking will turn to Photo Art for a never-ending source of techniques and creative inspiration!
ISBN: 0817453725
Publisher: Amphoto Books
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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