Lee Miller

Lee Miller's War: Photographer and Correspondent With the Allies in Europe 1944-45
by Antony Penrose
Publisher's Description
Lee Miller already had been a model for Vogue in the 1920s, an apprentise and muse of Man Ray in Paris, and a major fashion photographer in her own right, when she signed up as a war correspondent for Vogue magazine in 1944. She was one of the only female combat photographers to follow the Allied troops. In this volume, her son, Antony Penrose has brought together Miller's description of the siege of St. Malo, the liberation of Paris, the surrender of twenty thousand German troops on the Loire. She was the first photographer present at the freeing of Dachau and the burning of Hitlers Austrian hideaway at the closing of the European war. David Scherman was a colleague who worked with her during the war years and he adds a reminiscence of those years that provides a foil to the evocative images and words of Lee Miller's war reports.
ISBN: 0821218700
Publisher: Bulfinch Pr
Hardcover : 208 pages
Language: English
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