Jan Groover

Jan Groover: Photographs
by Jan Groover
Publisher's Description
Jan Groover has continued to gain acknowledgement from critics and collectors for her unique contribution to fine art photography. "Working with insignificant objects arrayed on a table top in her studio, Groover is able to fashion breathtaking images from little more than thin air...Like Cézanne, Groover makes pictures that are interesting not so much for the things they show us as for how they show us those things."--Andy Grundberg. This exquisitely printed monograph presents a variety of Groover's work including her notable still lifes, early landscape triptychs and large scale photographs of "ordinary kitchen utensils, plants, and vegetables"; and is the first full-scale book of the artist's work.
ISBN: 0821220063
Publisher: Bulfinch Press / Little, Brown
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: English
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