A Day in the Life of India
by Michael Tobias
Publisher's Description
Since starting back in the 1980s with A Day in the Life of America, David Cohen and his associates have visited and documented Russia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Thailand, and other countries. This collection of photographs, all taken on one day in 1986, contains images by Raghu Rai and a dozen other Indian photographers.
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A Day in the Life of India is a visual time capsule capturing one of the world's most fascinating places. Some of the subcontinent's finest photographers and filmmakers devoted hundreds of hours of work to the project, fanning out across the country in search of the elements that define India. What they turn up is a veritable feast for the eyes: a woman adrift in a sea of crimson chilies; fishermen emptying their nets on a sun-drenched beach on India's eastern coast; a flower-strewn wedding in northern India. Each photograph is accompanied by an informative caption and tagged with a colored dot that corresponds with a small map showing where the picture was taken.

A Day in the Life of India is a big, beautiful book that promises many hours of daydreaming about the subcontinent. If you like this armchair trip to India, consider the other titles in this series that chronicle a day in the life of Italy, America, Ireland, Thailand, and Israel.

ISBN: 0002251043
Publisher: Harper
Hardcover : 224 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10.4 x 14.3 x 1 inches
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