Thomas Barrow

Perspectives on Photography: Essays in Honor of Beaumont Newhall
by Thomas Barrow
Publisher's Description
In this anthology of eight essays collected to honor the photohistorian Beaumont Newhall, eminent historians write on various aspects of the medium's development. Essays included are: "A Connoisseur of the Art of Photography in the 1850s: The Rev. C. H. Townsend" by Mark Haworth-Booth, "Photographs in 1852 and 1853 by Henri Le Secq" by Eugenia Parry Janis, "Commercial Photography in Paris, 1848-1870" by Anne McCauley, "Impressionism and Photography Reconsidered" by Kirk Varnedoe, "Aesthetics and Documentation: Remarks Concerning Critical Approaches to the Photographs of Timothy H. O'Sullivan" by Joel Snyder, "How Stieglitz Came to Photograph Clouds" by Sarah Greenough, "Edward Weston's Toilet" by Amy Conger, and "The Challenge of Photography to This Art Historian" by Beaumont Newhall.
ISBN: 0826308627
Publisher: Olympic Marketing Corp
Hardcover : 185 pages
Language: English
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