Lewis Baltz

Rule Without Exception
by Lewis Baltz
Publisher's Description
"This overview of Lewis Baltz's twenty-year career presents his precise, barren images in juxtaposition to a series of critical texts that comment directly and obliquely on his work. From the earliest series of Prototype works, through his Topographical surveys of the 1970s, the `Endsites' of the early 1980s, to his recent enigmatic color views of European cities at night, Baltz examines the traces of contemporary life with a pitiless gaze. The tensions and contradictions in Baltz's vision create a challenging look at the artifacts of the post-industrial world and the spaces that surround them. Where art and life are on a collision course, Baltz is there to examine it in all its beautiful and terrible detail."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0826312691
Publisher: Univ of New Mexico Pr
Hardcover Language: English
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