Photography at Bay: Interviews, Essays, and Reviews
by John Bloom
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San Francisco underwent a revolution in the 1980s: not only did the city survive a devastating earthquake, it also came into its own as a primary site of photographic activity, innovation, and institutional support. John Bloom, who found himself in the center of the whirlwind, has collected his writings in this congenial anthology. The author transcends the limits of time and place in his essays, vaulting from Civil War tintypes to new-wave experiments. An exhibit of Joel-Peter Witkin's work provides a platform for a discussion of surrealist photography; contemporary German efforts are illuminated by comparisons to Edward Weston and Lee Friedlander.
Publisher's Description
This engaging collection of interviews and critical writings represents a search for a broader definition of the photographic medium as one connected to cultural streams, political dialogue, art ideas, and biographic expression. John Bloom, a writer, critic, and artist from the Bay Area, examines the photographic goings-on in his city from the early 1980s up through 1991 and finds a remarkable range of activity. The author has a notable talent for getting historians and artists to reveal something substantial about their work, its prominent ideas and evolution, and therefore these interviews especially make for lively reading.
ISBN: 0826314120
Publisher: Univ of New Mexico Pr
Hardcover : 377 pages
Language: English
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