Max Kozloff

Lone Visions Crowded Frames: Essays on Photography
by Max Kozloff Review
With the age of digital imagery upon us, and some doubt of the veracity of the pictorial "report from the front" in the future, Max Kozloff offers essays that "will testify to what was once at stake in our engagement with photographic culture." It is evident that much is at stake in these perceptive, eye-opening studies that attempt to unravel the mysteries of photography. Kozloff scrutinizes the interpretation of portraiture in depth, analyzing the relationship between the photographer and the subject and trying to delineate what we can and cannot learn from their images.
Publisher's Description
Both entertaining and enlightening, this third collection of essays by Max Kozloff is a commentary on everything from portraits by Avedon, Goldin, and Beaton to recent war photography, views of the toxic landscape, and an ad for Thomas's English muffins. Though respectful for the power of photography, Kozlof is not intimidated by its pervasiveness as he unravels the mysteries of photography including digital imagery and other new technologies, delineating what we can and cannot learn from photographs.
ISBN: 0826314937
Publisher: Univ of New Mexico Pr
Hardcover : 319 pages
Language: English
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