Lou Jones

Travel and Photography: Off the Charts
by Lou Jones
Publisher's Description
'On assignment in Havana, Cuba, I heard music. It was across the street and far away. I couldn't track down the source. As I got closer, the echo was bouncing off the tall buildings. It was amazing. Running back and forth I eventually got someone's attention. He led me on a dead run into one of Old Havanas famous condemned historical landmarks. I thought it was abandoned. Upon entering the lobby, I found it totally dark in the middle of the day. No light at all. My guide ran up the stairs with me in close pursuit. The circular staircase wound round and round. But soon I hit something. Hard. Since it was so black I had no idea the staircase was full of people. I couldn't see a thing. I panicked. But I always carry a small flashlight on my key chain. I was able to stumble safely the several flights up to the band rehearsing on the top floor. Great photographs.'

travel + PHOTOGRAPHY is loaded with beautiful photographs showing you the 'how-to's' of travel photography. Herein you will find examples that will reveal the secrets, debunk the myths, and explore the romance of traveling with a camera.

Combined with anecdotes that demonstrate how to solve both typical and unique problems of camera equipment, lighting, and language barriers, this ambitious book showcases the imagination, personal vision, and the technology needed to take creative pictures around the world. Money, health, and cultural and language barriers lead to the biggest mistakes and problems for photographers while on the road, and in this book, Lou Jones offers up his years of on-the-road experience for you. Whether you are a professional photographer, or a serious amateur, this book is a must have if you travel with a camera.

* Beautifully illustrated with over 600 color photographs in a stunning landscape format * Written in response to all the questions Lou Jones has received over the years as an American Photo Magazine trek leader * Full of sidebars and 'how I got the shot' anecdotes
ISBN: 0240808150
Publisher: Focal Press
Paperback : 192 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.5 x 0.4 inches
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