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African Canvas: The Art of West African Women
by M. Courtney-Clarke. Foreword by Maya Angelou
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Publisher's Description
Margaret Courtney-Clarke, author of Ndebele, has once again brought her perceptive eye and courageous spirit to her most recent book, addressing the art of West African women. In remote areas of West Africa, distinct building traditions have produced visually striking vernacular architecture and decoration. These rich color photographs show the women artists restoring and painting their mud dwellings, which have been washed clean by the rains of the wet season. Courtney-Clarke's three-year-long project to document the tribal women's painted walls, painted cloth, and pottery brought her into direct contact with diverse ethnic ethnic and cultural groups scattered throughout West Africa. Maya Angelou contributes a poetic and enlightening introduction.
ISBN: 0847811662
Publisher: Rizzoli International NYC. (Over 30 reprints in 5 foreign editions)
Hardcover : 204 pages
Language: English
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