New York: A Photographer's City
by Marla Kennedy
Publisher's Description
NYC like you have never seen her before. This stunning book showcases an unparalleled compilation of mostly unpublished photographs of New York City and its boroughs taken by established and emerging artists.

New York: A Photographer’s City is a world-class collection, featuring artists from all over the globe, offering views, cityscapes, and vignettes that are fresh and beautifully illustrate the city’s 5 ever-changing boroughs.

The 350 images capture the avant-garde spirit of New York and the city’s appearance in the twentyfirst century. While we immediately associate black and white imagery with NYC, this new look brings out the color in the big apple and reveals the magic that continues to inspire New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Featuring over 100 artists including:
Doug Aitken . David Allee . Theo Anderson . David Armstrong . Jose Ballester . Olivo Barbieri . Adam Bartos . Erica Baum . Marisa Baumgartner . Jimi Billingsley . Isidro Blasco . Don Burmeister . Ed Burtynsky . Gary Carsley . Yasmine Chatila . Phil Collins . Kevin Cooley . Carl Corey . Jessica Craig- Martin . John Cyr . Tim Davis . Iannis Delatolas . Jake Dobkin . David Drebin . Michael Eastman . Gerrit Engel . Roe Ethridge . James Falchook. John Fitzgerald . Doug Fogelson . Andy Freeburg . Barry Frydlender . Peter Funch . Richard Galpin . Andreas Gefeller . Ralph Gibson . John Glassie . Anthony Goicolea . Peter Granser . Philippe Gronon . Andreas Gursky . Nathan Harger . Jenny Holzer . Noritoshi Hirakawa . Atta Kim . Catherine Opie . Ryan McGinley . Dana Meilijson . Vik Muniz . Jack Pierson . Matthew Pillsbury . Arash Radpour . Thomas Struth . William Wegman . Tim White-Sobieski
ISBN: 0847835847
Publisher: Rizzoli
Hardcover : 304 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.7 x 10.1 x 1.3 inches
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