Linda Butler

Italy: In the Shadow of Time
by Naomi Rosenblum
Publisher's Description Review
Any scene shot in black and white contains a certain element of mystery and, often, nostalgia. But black and white hardly begins to describe the evocative tones of Linda Butler's work, which ranges from silvery blue to pale gold to rich velvet black. Whether a far-reaching photo of a landscape or an intimate portrait of a crypt, Butler's works are of mesmerizing composition; here a curtain moves in a gentle gust, there a cross of sunlight burns through a cathedral door, and everywhere the "presence of the past vibrates in the air." This series of landscapes and still lifes comprises an ode to Italy's ancestors. Light, shadow, and antiquity become the main characters: "No people appear in Butler's photographs, but their actuality as ghost presences who once built and tended the derelict palazzos ... can be felt on every page." Over the course of several years, Butler visited many of the regions of Italy--Umbria, Sicily, the Veneto, and Liguria to name a few--to amass this breathtaking collection, which will awe and delight photography fans and Italy aficionados alike. --Jhana Bach
ISBN: 0847857840
Publisher: Rizzoli
Hardcover : 120 pages
Language: English
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