Through the Looking Glass: Photographic Art in Britain, 1945-1989
by Gerry Badger
Publisher's Description
This is the companion volume to the exhibition mounted at London's Barbican Art Gallery in the summer of 1989. Focusing on photography as an art form rather than a commercial enterprise, this study of the growth of independent photography in Britain since World War II highlights the many areas of common conceptual ground that exist between photograpehrs and fine artists. Through the Looking Glass focuses on the work of leading figures in British art, including David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, Helen Chadwick and Boyd Webb as well as such internationally recognized photographers such as George Roger, Raymond Moore, Tony Ray-Jones, Don McCullin and Chris Killip.
ISBN: 0853315604
Publisher: Lund Humphries Pub Ltd
Paperback : 204 pages
Language: English
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