Visual and Other Pleasures (Theories of Representation & Difference)
by Laura Mulvey
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Laura Mulvey did not invent feminist film criticism, but her short piece "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" is a seminal essay, cited more often than almost any other single article on the movies. Mulvey brought psychoanalysis, the experience of pleasure, and the idea of the male gaze into the mainstream of feminist film criticism. Visual and Other Pleasures reprints her famous analysis along with other important essays on film melodrama, avant-garde cinema, the Oedipus myth, and directors Douglas Sirk, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and Jean-Luc Godard. Unlike many academic critics, Mulvey writes with refreshing clarity. Arguments that in other hands might seem dense and thorny are both comprehensible and enlightening here. --Raphael Shargel
Publisher's Description
A collection of Mulvey's essays from the years 1971-86, a fifteen year period that saw the Women's Movement grow from a political organization to a general framework of feminism. Included in the book are Mulvey's seminal essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema as well as Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti, Dialogue with Spectatorship: Barbara Kruger and Victor Burgin, and Impending Time: Mary Kelly's Corpus. An important book by an articulate and provocative thinker.
ISBN: 0253204941
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Paperback : 201 pages
Language: English
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