Fugitive Images: From Photography to Video (Theories of Contemporary Culture)
by Patrice Petro
Publisher's Description
This book embarks on the vast and difficult task of attempting to understand the relation between visual representations and the things they document. Simply put: what is the power of the visual image? The contributors explore a wide range of different representations--faces, portraits, pornography, apparitions, landscapes, monuments, crowds--in both still and moving images. The contributors are: Linda Williams, Tom Gunning, Lynne Kirby, Edward Buscombe, Patricia Mellencamp, Áine O'Brien, Régis Durand, Philippe Dubois, Charles Wolfe, Eduardo Cadava, Herbert Blau, Patrice Petro, and John Tagg. A fascinating contemporary text.
ISBN: 0253208904
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Paperback : 304 pages
Language: English
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