John Loengard

As I See It
by Ann Beattie
Publisher's Description
John Loengard, one of the great LIFE magazine photographers, sums up his 50-year career in this handsome volume. His subjects include movie stars, writers, politicians, artists, and other photographers, as well as everyday people engaged in a host of extraordinary activities-or, rather, typical activities rendered unforgettable and compelling by the photographer's vision. From a shimmering Marilyn Monroe to a man dozing on the beach, from a guffawing Ronald Reagan to Henri Cartier-Bresson flying a kite, from a groundskeeper in Dublin to picnickers in Central Park, Loengard's vision moves us with its humanity and artistry.

John Loengard's own commentaries on his pictures enlarge our understanding and deepen our appreciation of them. These vivid texts-who knew that the term silhouette was the name of Louis XV's budget-conscious finance minister?-help us to see as if through Loengard's own eyes.
ISBN: 0865651671
Publisher: Vendome Press
Hardcover : 216 pages
Language: English
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