Whitney Biennial 2004: Whitney Museum of American Art
by Chrissie Iles
Publisher's Description
It's easy to fall into the loose line of thinking surrounding modern art in America, primarily, that curators are often unleashed from our major cultural institutions, sent off with the imperative to find young, new talent, and bestow upon them star status. While inclusion in the Whitney Biennial is definitely note-worthy and, more often than not, deserved, it's easy to forget about the years of toil and sacrifice that these artists have devoted to their personal visions. The round-up of new work and talent this year is memorable, primarily, for its lightheartedness. There is a levity to the exhibition that is refreshing and is genuinely captured in the catalogue. The photographers in the 2004 Biennial include Alec Soth, Jack Pierson, Roni Horn, and Catherine Opie, among others.
ISBN: 0874271398
Publisher: Whitney Museum
Hardcover : 288 pages
Language: English
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