Debbie Fleming Caffery

Carry Me Home
by Debbie Fleming Caffery
Publisher's Description
Debbie Fleming Caffery has photographed sugar cane workers in her native southern Louisiana since the early 1970s. Her images "convey the sense of mystery and foreboding that surrounds the sugarcane culture. Figures rise out of smoke and fire, a disembodied pair of legs marches out of the mist, menacing looking machines loom over the sugar mill. The photos in the second and third sections of the book are softer and more tender. Caffery's subjects here are her friend Polly, photographed in the almost total darkness of her one-room cabin in the woods, and Caffery's three children at play. The portraits of Polly and the still lifes of her few possessions are remarkable in their simplicity and intensity. The photos of Caffery's children reflect her young subjects' imaginations and rejoice in their games. This striking collection of silver prints, reproduced in rich duotone, is both a documentation of a particular way of life likely to vanish soon and a testament to its enduring significance."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0874742994
Publisher: Smithsonian
Hardcover : 150 pages
Language: English
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