Taishi Hirokawa

Sonomama Sonomama
by Taishi Hirokawa
Publisher's Description
This one beautiful book may change the face of fashion photography for years to come. Photographer Taishi Hirokawa known to many as Hiro, traveled throughout the countryside of Japan, seeking out shopkeepers, fishermen, schoolchildren, laborers, and farmers for his pictures. However, rather than showing them outfitted with their own clothing, Hirokawa provided them with fashions from the world's top designers. The result? A fascinating collection of pictures in which the artificiality and image-making of most fashion photography is stripped away so that the wonderful clothing is fully revealed, and as a bi-product, we are shown the Japanese people obviously very comfortable in their own environment.
ISBN: 0877015104
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Paperback : 128 pages
Language: English
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