David Heiden

Dust to Dust: A Doctor's View of Famine in Africa (Visual Studies)
by David Heinden
Publisher's Description
In Dust to Dust American physician David Heiden, who worked in refugee camps during the catastrophic Ethiopian famine of 1985, provides an in-depth vision of famine, its victims, and those who tried to help. "Unlike the relentless news wire photos of Ethiopian refugees that shocked Western viewers into dazed immunity, Heiden's images are those of a sensitive participant-observer. He presents the relief service volunteers as . . . working against impossible odds to do some simple good, while grappling with their own Western notions. . . . In this unusual account, David Heiden reveals the human face of disaster . . . and the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0877229120
Publisher: Temple University Press
Hardcover : 209 pages
Language: English
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