John Wood

The Photographic Arts
by John Wood
Publisher's Description
Wood's earlier titles The Daguerreotype, The Art of the Autochrome, America and the Daguerrotype, and the Scenic Daguerreotype have earned him considerable acclaim in the field of the History of Photography. This title presents many provocative essays--including one scaling back the importance of Alfred Stieglitz, another fleshing out clues of the near extermination of Native American's in their portraits--all lavishly illustrated to fully represent the qualities of early photographic media. Review
This volume of essays deals with aspects of photography that have been neglected by John Wood's fellow historians. Although he has authored four previous books on the daguerreotype--the topic of numerous studies by other scholars--he addresses oversights of his own, and discusses the subject from a different vantage than that employed by his colleagues. In his essay on European pictorialism, he appraises the work of several undeservedly obscure masters of the craft, and disputes the nature of Alfred Stieglitz's legacy. Fewer than half of the 103 images used to illustrate the book are black and white; the distinctive half-tones are accompanied by dozens of full color daguerreotypes and blue duotone cyanotypes. The daguerreotypes are often startling, while the latter are delightfully surreal.
ISBN: 0877455732
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
Hardcover : 206 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.6 x 11.1 x 0.9 inches
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