An Art of Our Own: The Spiritual in Twentieth Century Art
by Roger Lipsey
Publisher's Description
This book examines the role of spirituality in American and European art of the 20th century, covering the Bauhaus, the Constructivists, as well as advances in the field of photography. "This is a pioneering work, and a convincing one as well: it is perhaps impossible to overestimate the role in their works the various spiritualist beliefs and attitudes of modern artists played. . .Lipsey's graciously written, sensitive and elegant book is among the first, I think, to reconnect the atmosphere in which these works were conceived with a modern audience. It is an important work and valuable perhaps beyond the historical adjustments it makes."--Arthur C. Danto, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University.
ISBN: 0877733627
Publisher: Shambhala
Hardcover : 520 pages
Language: English
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