Marilyn Futterman

Dancing Naked in the Material World
by Marilyn Futterman
Publisher's Description
This sensitive photodocumentary of the world of strip tease allows the reader to "look beyond the exotic, sometimes grimy surface and into these women as individuals. Some are mothers. Some are married. Some are college graduates. And some are also prostitutes and drug addicts. Yet they are all human beings whose tenderness and intelligence is graciously saved by Marilyn Futterman's brilliant black-and-white photographs."--the publisher. Dancing Naked reveals the tacit contract between the men who watch strip tease and the women who dance for them. The result is a poignant social and cultural commentary on sex and intimacy, and the lack of them, in our society.
ISBN: 087975737X
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Hardcover : 137 pages
Language: English
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