Bernd Becher

Gas Tanks
by Bernd Becher
Publisher's Description
The newest book by the authors of Water Towers, Blast Furnaces, and Pennsylvania Coal Mine Tipples, Gas Tanks continues the Becher tradition of stunning formal photography of industrial structures. "The Becher's industrial vision has become an essential part of the way we see today; their head-on, deadpan photographs of pithead gear and water towers and blast furnaces have for more than 30 years expressed a serenely cool, rigorous approach that reduces the individual structures they photograph to variations on an ideal form."--the publisher. In this, their latest work, the Becher's present four principally different forms of gas holders or gas tanks in 140 photographs made in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, and the United States.
ISBN: 026202361X
Publisher: The MIT Press
Hardcover : 119 pages
Language: English
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