Testing: Behind the Scenes at Consumer Reports 1936-1986
by Monte Florman
Publisher's Description
This remarkable collection of photographs documents Consumers Union testing proceedures between 1936 and 1986, revealing an almost surreal vision of popular culture through the bizarre but eminently practical scenarios of product evaluation. These are wonderful deadpan images which, nonetheless, have a certain methodological and formal dignity; they include "the `mechanical buttocks,' a motor-driven device fitted with a derriere made of two bowling-ball halves used to pound mattresses; the `sneeze machine,' whose forceful blasts of liquid and air put facial tissue to the test; and `Kemar,' the bewigged mannequin whose `ears' stand in for humans' in CU's headphone tests."--the publisher. These intriguing images reveal both the ingenuity of the testing methods and a nostalgic social history of consumerism.
ISBN: 089043056X
Publisher: Consumer Reports Books
Paperback : 166 pages
Language: English
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