Georg Gerster

The Past From Above: Aerial Photographs of Archaeological Sites
by Charlotte Trümpler
Publisher's Description
With the advent of aviation in the late nineteenth century, archaeologists realized the potential of a new point of view; combining flight with photography allowed archaeological sites to be studied from the air. By the early twentieth century, aerial archaeology had become an established research method. Ancient urban settlements, necropolises buried in rubble or sand, and ancient drainage systems could be seen more clearly from above‹in some cases, these sites were discernible only from the air.

This magnificent collection of aerial photographs of the world's foremost archaeological sites covers 249 locations in over fifty countries. Moving from Hadrian's Wall to Uluru, from the Tower of Babel to the Nasca Lines, from Tara to Jerusalem, readers can now view the familiar from a new perspective—above. Leading aerial photographer Georg Gerster has teamed up with archaeologist Charlotte Trümpler to shed new light on the dawn of civilization.

Charlotte Trümpler studied classical archaeology and has participated in digs across Southern Europe. She is currently the director of the archaeology collection in the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany. Georg Gerster has been taking aerial photographs since 1956 and has contributed to many illustrated books. He is also a journalist and has been widely published in books and magazines.
ISBN: 0892368179
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Hardcover : 416 pages
Language: English
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