Geoff Winningham

A Place of Dreams: Houston, an American City
by Geoff Winningham
Publisher's Description
A visual survey of Houston's landscape, architecture, and people produced in its 150th year. Winningham provides us with a portrait of the city including both its impressive and its eccentric qualities. Using color, he effectively captures the cultural contrasts of the city: the poor neighborhoods with the slick, modern skyscrapers in the background, the Texan with a ten gallon hat mowing the lawn in front of an estate, the bashed in sheet metal siding of a body shop, among others. Winningham's photographs go beyond the usual chamber of commerce tribute to a city to show us with irony and intelligence the diversity of a modern Texas city.
ISBN: 0892632631
Publisher: Rice Univ Pr
Hardcover : 192 pages
Language: English
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