Jan Saudek

World of Jan Saudek
by Jan Saudek
Publisher's Description
Saudek, a Czechoslovakian photographer, creates symbolic, surreal images; children, women, friends, and relatives become universal symbols of humanity. In Saudek's world, "the individual is alternately driven by destiny, bound by the cycle of birth, love, and death....Peeking into other people's fantasies, he reveals his own. And between eroticism and tenderness, between subtle irony and fleeting perversity, Saudek celebrates human triumph."--the publisher. This finely printed monograph is Saudek's first. Czechoslovakian curator Anna Fárová contributes an introduction to Saudek's work and defines its relationship to that of other Czech photographers.
ISBN: 0893811165
Publisher: Aperture
Hardcover : 143 pages
Language: English
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