Eugene Richards

Exploding into Life
by Eugene Richards
Publisher's Description
At the age of thirty-four, writer Dorothea Lynch discovered that she had breast cancer. She asked her longtime photographer-friend Eugene Richards to document the surgery and subsequent chemotherapy. During that process, Lynch wrote a diary of her experiences and feelings. The resulting book is a testament to a woman who confronts her own fears about cancer and our medical and cultural attitudes about it. Through Richards' unflinching eye, we are given a grueling tour of what it's like to go through cancer surgery and combative chemotherapy. The coupling of Lynch's personal insight with Richards' intense photographs produces a powerful and valuable book that addresses our fears of one of our most dreaded diseases. Dorothea Lynch tells her story with courage while contemplating her own mortality, and comes through with a resounding affirmation of life. Highly recommended.
ISBN: 0893811777
Publisher: Aperture
Hardcover : 167 pages
Language: English
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