Warren Neidich

American History Reinvented (New Images Book)
by Warren Neidich
Publisher's Description
"Since its beginnings in 1839, photography has been a powerful means to explain and illustrate or invent and disguise history. With playful, deconstructionist photographs, Neidich explores the ways in which a photograph can be altered, manipulated, and even subverted, to affect the way we perceive a given event."--the publisher. In this unique book Warren Neidich stages numerous "historical" photographs complete with costumes, props, and even the correct photographic process of the time portrayed. Combining insightful texts with a carefully selected portfolio of these photographs, this book undermines the authority of the photograph as evidence. A fascinating and sometimes frightening exploration of the manipulative and subversive power of the medium.
ISBN: 0893813710
Publisher: Aperture
Paperback : 84 pages
Language: English
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