Elliott Erwitt

Aperture One Hundred Thirty-Four: Ireland: A Troubled Mirror (Aperture (San Francisco, Calif.),)
by Paul Mulsoon
Publisher's Description
How is a country so deeply split as Ireland portrayed and understood through photography? This Aperture issue explores the question through the work of both Irish and foreign photographers such as Amelia Stein, Willie Doherty and Elliott Erwitt. Accompanying the photographs are essays, including a piece by Tanya Kiang, editor of the preëminent Irish arts journal Circa; and poems by internationally recognized poet Paul Muldoon. "Covering both North and South, this publication captures what W.B. Yeats called the `terrible beauty' of a verdant land where little is as it first appears. It encompasses art and reportage, whimsy and rage, myth and reality, even vintage `postcard' views of Ireland, laying bare the soul of a culture, displaying through the iconography of daily life the timelessness that is Ireland's blessing and curse."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0893815667
Publisher: Aperture Book
Paperback : 80 pages
Language: English
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