Black & White Cats
by Jean-Claude Suares
Publisher's Description
This whimsical anthology of cat portraits includes images of house cats by some of the most famous artists in the world of photography. Included are calico "Johnny" by Edward Weston, André Kertèsz's "Friend's Cat," Alen MacWeeney's "Cassidy Boy With His Cats," Cecil Beaton's portrait of the aristocratic "Antonia, Lady Aberconway's Cat," and Imogen Cunningham's 1910 photo of her pet in her studio. Says editor J.C. Suarès, "Most cats don't like to be photographed, but every once in a while one doesn't mind. It just can't be rushed." This charming little book proves the point.
ISBN: 0002550563
Publisher: Collins Pub San Francisco
Hardcover : 78 pages
Language: English
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